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The following is a professional grading key used pioneered by our swing pro’s and commonly used in the marketplace today!

Evaluate your players based on their grade.

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Pro Instructor Evaluation Form

Download and print this form to help you grade each golfer you instruct. Then transfer the golfer's grades and your comments/corrective drills into the Online Report Form.

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Click the PDF icon's under each form to download and use to evaluate and gather your golfer information. Then enter that information later into the report.


How to fill out form

  1. Choose Report Type you are creating

  2. Fill in your golfer's bio information to create a "Golfer ID". Be sure to accurately fill in the correct golfer bio information each time you update your golfers. (This will ensure the Trend Reports are accurate for each golfer.)

  3. Input your Personal Grades and Personal Comments as you evaluate your golfer. (Add any Drills you would like your golfer to work on in your Comments)

  4. Be sure to include a YouTube video link of your golfer's recorded action, practice or game play, or any personal coaching video you would like to share with your golfer (iCoach, Right View Pro- must have youtube link to share here)

  5. Submit your Pro Golf  Report

  6. You and your golfer (if you added their email)will receive your personalized Pro Evaluation and Golfer Trend Reports within 24-48 hours (timing may vary depending day/time in week)

  7. Create a new report for as many golfers as you like.